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Relocation Policy



In providing an effective service staffed by appropriately experienced and qualified people, (NAME OF COMPANY)  may require to recruit staff from out with the area, or to transfer existing staff to new operationally determined locations. These situations may result in a need for these individuals to move home.

(NAME OF COMPANY) will facilitate such moves of home by providing financial assistance towards certain expenses commonly incurred. It is in the interests of employees and the organisation that such moves be completed with minimum disruption to both personal and working life and (NAME OF COMPANY) is committed to ensuring the fair and equitable implementation of this policy.

Should members of staff have any difficulties with understanding any aspect of this policy, or require further information in respect of accessibility, interpretation or application of the policy, they should contact HR, their Line Manager or Staff side Representative.


2.1 Eligibility

Assistance with certain relocation costs may be made available to employees who, on taking up employment with (NAME OF COMPANY) require moving home in order to fulfill the requirements of the role.

Assistance with certain relocation costs may also be afforded to employees who as a result of a compulsory transfer within (NAME OF COMPANY) are required to move home in order to fulfill a contractual or operational commitment of their role. This will apply where the employee is occupying a permanent rather than a secondment or fixed term post.

To qualify for assistance such moves, must be to within one hour’s travelling time of the proposed new home address, at peak times, of the employee’s recognized base, or to meet some other criterion specified by (NAME OF COMPANY) . Criteria such as role requirements and travel options will be considered in a discussion with the Line Manager. Claims should be submitted through completion of the Relocation Expenses Claim Form. Evidence of expenses incurred (receipts or invoices) must be provided. Relocation expenses agreed will be confirmed in writing to the employee.

2.2 Partners

Employees are required to declare at the outset if a partner or other member of their household is eligible to claim relocation expenses from another employer/source (or same employer) in respect of the same move. No payment will be made by (NAME OF COMPANY) for any expense that is being paid from another source. Efforts will be made to reach agreement on the level of assistance offered but the Director of HR and Workforce Development has discretion to modify the package as considered appropriate in the circumstances

2.3 Time Limit

All aspects of the removal should normally be concluded within a period of twenty six weeks effective from the commencement date in the post or new location to which the relocation expenses relate. The Director may agree to extend this period to take account of special circumstances/difficulties. Such extensions will normally be up to a maximum period of thirty nine weeks. Requests to extend the period to up to one year may only be considered by the Director of HR and Workforce Development on receipt of a full stated case.

2.3 Costs covered by Removal Expenses

Anticipated costs will include:

  • Preliminary visit
  • house-hunting and school visits after an offer has been accepted, and prior to the start date, up to a value of (paid from the ____ allowance)
  • Travel between the person’s previous home and the Isle of Man in the first six months of employment
  • Removal of household effects
  • Storage of household effects
  • Fees associated with buying and selling of property
  • Relocation of dependants
  • Provision of temporary accommodation for the employee in the first three months of employment

3.1 Legal and Related expenses

(NAME OF COMPANY) will consider reimbursement of reasonable legal conveyance and estate agency services costs in connection with one house sale and/or one house purchase. Legal and related expenses are only included in respect of property within Great Britain and

Northern Ireland.

The employee will be responsible for any additional costs such as Mortgage Insurance, any additional advertising and/or marketing costs agreed with the selling agents, more detailed survey reports than those contained in the home report.

Where an employee is not purchasing a house in the new area, these provisions may be extended to cover certain initial legal/administrative expenses associated with leasing a home in the new area.

Similarly, where an employee presently owns a property and decides to lease it as an alternative to selling, reasonable initial administrative/legal costs may be met, in addition to reasonable expenses in connection with house purchase in the new area. It should be noted that no expenses will be met in respect of the subsequent sale of the old property unless it is completed within the agreed timescales specified above.

Where such expenses are met, previously paid leasing costs will be offset against them and the employee will be liable to pay the difference.

3.2 Furniture Removal

(NAME OF COMPANY) will consider reimbursement of reasonable costs associated with household removal, storage and standard indemnity insurance cover. Furniture removal expenses would only apply within Great Britain and Northern Ireland or from port of entry if moving from abroad. Employees are responsible for the cost of removal, insurance and storage of unusual or specialized or dangerous items or furniture or equipment owned by an organisation other than (NAME OF COMPANY) .

Employees must obtain three written quotations for furniture removal and although they may choose which organisation to use, will only be reimbursed the equivalent of the lowest quotation including standard insurance.

3.3 Subsistence Allowance

Where an employee necessarily occupies temporary accommodation in the new area, a subsistence allowance for a period up to the date of removal into the permanent new accommodation may be payable, for a maximum period of thirteen weeks. The rate payable will be in accordance with that set out in the Agenda for Change Terms and Conditions of Employment Handbook. Payment for medical staff will be in accordance with the appropriate terms and conditions for medical staff and will be confirmed on a case by case basis. If it can be demonstrated that it is no more expensive to obtain a short term furnished let for the same period, rent may be reimbursed for a maximum period of thirteen weeks as an alternative to subsistence allowance.

4.1 Eligibility for Housing Assistance

Housing assistance is granted in recognition that employees may be subjected to higher accommodation costs in the Isle of Man. Therefore, evidence should be provided in the form of a rental agreement or mortgage documentation from the employee’s most current accommodation. The amount payable in housing assistance will be the difference in mortgage/rental payments paid up to a maximum of _____ per month. Housing assistance will not be granted without the submission of the required documentation.

Housing assistance will only be paid when a valid rental agreement or mortgage has been authorized by the relevant Line Manager. If a rental agreement is for six months, housing assistance will only be paid for this timescale. Any further application for a consecutive rental period must be made in the same way, within the maximum period of 24 months from commencement of employment.

4.2 Timescale

Staff eligible to receive housing assistance may apply on commencement of employment.

There is a maximum entitlement to housing assistance of 24 months from commencement of employment, reduced pro-rata from the time of application. Claims for housing assistance must be for consecutive periods, there is no facility to break and then recommence or re-apply for assistance.

4.3 Provisions

Employees must not sub-let their accommodation whilst in receipt of housing assistance.

If an employee is in shared accommodation, the amount of housing assistance payable to them will be the difference between their accommodation costs prior to relocating and their share of the rental for the Isle of Man property. This will not exceed ____ per month.

Any change of address and/or change to housing costs must be advised to the Line Manager.

4.4 Treatment of Housing Assistance Payments

Any payments made for housing assistance will be made on a monthly basis alongside monthly salary payments for a maximum of two years from commencement of employment.

4.5 Records of Housing Assistance Payments

Payroll will keep a full record of all housing assistance payments made, including details relating to the initial and any subsequent assessments, in line with Financial Regulations.

4.6 Review

An employee who is receiving financial assistance in the form of Housing Assistance will be required to sign a declaration confirming the actual costs involved and agreeing to notify the Department of any changes in circumstances (See Form 4 “Housing Assistance Claim Form”). Failure to provide timely notification of changes may lead to the withdrawal of assistance.

4.7. Falsification of claims

Claims for housing assistance made with the intention of defrauding the Department involving public monies will be investigated and pursued in compliance with the Isle of Man


4.1 Employees Leaving (NAME OF COMPANY)

With the exception of cases of redundancy, ill-health or age retirement, or death in service situation all or part of the costs and allowances paid to an employee in respect of the relocation will require to be repaid should that employee leave the employment of (NAME OF COMPANY) within two years of the date of commencement in the post or new location to which the relocation expenses relate. In such cases repayment on a pro-rata basis equal to the unexpired portion of the two year period will be required.

4.2 Tax Implications

Employees should note that in some circumstances the receipt of the relocation package may result in a tax liability and that they have a duty to satisfy themselves on the nature and scope of such liability. As the relocation is job related, the first ______ is exempt from tax provided that certain conditions are met, including that the new property is the employee’s main residence.


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