IT Admin Process Flow-[Free] Employee Policy Sample | Form, Template Doc Pdf

It Admin Process Flow-[Free] Employee Policy Sample | Form, Template Doc Pdf

IT & Administration Process Flow

  • Scope of work
  • Office Cleanliness & Sanitation
  • Office Inventory Procurement & Storage
  • Vendor Management & Payments
  • PC / PC Accessories related work
  • Mobile / Mobile Accessories/ SIM Card
  • Internet / Network functioning
  • Printing / Letters / Stationary
  • Electricity/ Plumbing/ AC- repair
  • Office Ergonomics
  • Point of Contact

Primary POC : _______________________________________________________

Escalation POC :

1) Name : ____________________________________________________________

2) Name : ____________________________________________________________

  • Requisition Process

Any employee who has any sort of requisition for office items/ PC or Mobile or Accessories/ any other office items has to drop a mail to Anil Yadav marking a copy to his/her Mentor/Supervisor/Lead and Email ID in the following format:


Full Name:                                                             

Business Unit:


Contact Number:

Problem/ Services Required/ Requisition:

  • The request will be fulfilled based on urgency determined by Admin within 24-48hrs. No random requests without mail will be entertained.
  • An account will be kept as to how many times a single employee has asked for any accessory to be changed or replaced and suitable action will be taken accordingly with the involvement of his/her reporting authority who will be equally accountable of the discipline of his/her mentee.
  • Any company asset found damaged, misused or misplaced by any employee will be taken into account, and that employee will be penalized for the same. The amount will be decided based on the value of the damaged item on evaluation and will be deducted from his/her salary.
  • Follow-Ups & Escalations
  • If no response/ e-mail acknowledgment is received over the requisition/ response mails, the concerned employee must drop a follow-up mail to Email ID.
  • Despite the follow-up mail, if no e-mail acknowledgment/ action is taken, an escalation mail must be dropped on Email ID.
  • Office Health & Sanitation
  • The office boys will be responsible for keeping the office clean and hygienic at all times. The office cleaning hours are from 7.00 to 9.30 am and hence all employees are requested to enter the office only post 9.30 am to avoid inconvenience to the office boys.
  • If the office/work station is not cleaned before employees arrive, the employees can drop an escalation mail to Email IDwith a copy to Email ID.
  • First Aid kits with all basic medications are available at designated places. In case of an emergency and if unable to locate the first aid box, you can immediately contact any member of the HR team, who will immediately provide you with the required medications.
  • Employees are equally responsible for the health & safety of self and co-workers.
  • Any employee found/caught/ reported violating this will be fined upfront  ____/- Examples of such violation of civic behavior/attitude/approach will be as below but not limited to:
    • Leaving leftovers in the plate and leaving the plate in sink or outside sink
    • Cigarette stubs/ used matchsticks left outside ashtrays or around on floors
    • Leaving toilets unflushed after use
    • Combed hair in the sink/washbasins
    • Used Coffee/ Tea mugs left at your own/ others desk
    • Smoking in No-smoking zone
    • Food spilled, empty wafer packets or chocolate wrappers at the desk and left unattended
    • Dirtying the microwave/fridge

Cleanliness is next to Godliness they say. Every employee is expected to practice the same as how you would do at home. Your workplace is your second home where you spend 8-9 hrs minimum 5-6 days a week.

There are some points even if it seems obvious but unfortunately not followed, hence needs to be specified. Being organized isn’t about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person; it’s about living the way you want to live, but better. There are enough things in the world that you can’t control—but you can bring some order into your office, home and your life.

Admin has been given strict instructions to follow the process and implement the necessary actions we hope you all will co-operate with him.

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IT Admin Process Flow Format Template For Employee, Download Free Doc Pdf File Example

It Admin Process Flow-[Free] Employee Policy Sample | Form, Template Doc Pdf

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