COVID-19 – HOMEWORKING GUIDES  FOR  EMPLOYEES-Sample Format | Templates Doc, Pdf

COVID-19 – HOMEWORKING GUIDES  FOR  EMPLOYEES Format Template For Employee, Download Free Doc Pdf File Example



Given the current COVID-19 situation, (Name of Company) is activating homeworking arrangements for employees, where operationally feasible. Some employees, however, will still be required to report to duty or be at their work location due to the nature of their work.

The following guides should be followed if your Manager instructs you to work from home.

1. Computers for homeworking

  • Where possible, you will be provided with the necessary company IT equipment to perform your role from Your Manager will inform you of their requirements.

In general:

If you have been issued with a company laptop, then you will be required to use it, unless instructed otherwise by your Manager. However, at the discretion of your division head, your laptop could be reassigned to someone else, if deemed operationally required.

If you do not already have a company laptop, then you might be provided with one, if deemed operationally necessary.

As an alternative, a desktop can also be taken home if approved by your Manager.

If a laptop or a desktop is not available, then you might be advised by your Manager to use your personal laptop or home computer.

  • Guidance notes are attached outlining how to securely access the company IT systems remotely in all Any questions should be addressed through the IT team on (Contact) or (Email)
  • Once home working is initiated, IT will activate remote access to shared drives and SharePoint for (NAME OF COMPANY) If access to any other programs or files is required for critical operations, inform your Manager.


2.  Phone and other communication methods for homeworking

In order to ensure efficient communications:

  • You must ensure that you have provided your current contact details to your Manager. This should include alternative (personal)
  • Skype for Business should be used for calls and virtual meetings, whenever possible, please familiarize yourself with these
  • Employees who have company mobile phones should keep them available at all
  • If you do not have company provided mobile phone and are required to make business calls, you may use your personal Arrangements will be made to reimburse the cost of business calls if needed based on itemized billing, which will have to be signed out by your Manager.


3.  Other homeworking instructions for employees

  • You must continue to work your normal working hours and be available at all times as if you were working in the Where required for their role, 24/7 availability must be continued. You must not attend to personal tasks during the working day unless expressly agreed with your Manager (i.e. attending a Doctor’s appointment).
  • You must be available to attend conference calls, video conferencing or other meetings as requested by your Manager. Suitable attire should be maintained for all video
  • All work documents must continue to remain confidential and be managed securely and Whilst there may be a requirement to take some documents home, for security reasons, these should be kept to

a minimum as far as possible. For further questions, please contact your Manager.

  • Attendance at the office may be required as directed by your Manager and you must remain available to attend at short notice, if
  • You must ensure that you have set up a suitable working environment to work safely and respectively without being
  • Requests for leave (including holiday leave, sick leave ) must continue to be applied for in the normal way.

Any absence from work must be reported to your Manager as per the policy. You will not be required to regularize your time and attendance records otherwise. These will be managed centrally as required.


4.  Salary and benefits

Basic salary and housing allowance will continue to be paid as normal for employees who are working from home, however other allowances might be amended if necessary.

Download– COVID-19 – HOMEWORKING GUIDES  FOR  EMPLOYEES-Form, Word Format (Doc) Download Free




COVID-19 – HOMEWORKING GUIDES  FOR  EMPLOYEES Format Template For Employee, Download Free Doc Pdf File Example

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