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Cash-Handling Policy


  1. Intent


To ensure proper and consistent cash handling procedures


  1. Scope


This policy applies to all (Company Name) Employees.


  1. Definitions


Cash – May be comprised of coin, currency, cheques, money orders, credit card transactions, and electronic funds transfers.


Cash Collection Points – Departments or other units that handle cash on a regular basis.


  1. Policy and Procedures


  1. Cash funds must not be left unattended. Cash funds must be stored in a cash box within a register, safe or locked cabinet, to which access is restricted to preferably the cashier or person in a department acting as a cashier.
  2. Delivery of bank deposits from (Company Name) to the bank must be done by the security firm contracted to provide the service.
  3. Departments that wish to be named as a cash collection point may make a request to the Director, Financial Services and demonstrate the ability to follow appropriate cash handling procedures.
  4. Other departments or units that occasionally handle cash receipts are also required to follow procedures and guidelines that apply to cash collection points.


  1. Guidelines for Cash Collection Points


  1. All cash received must be recorded through a cash register.
  2. If a cash register is not available, a pre-numbered receipt form must be issued to the customer and a duplicate copy retained by the cash collection point.
  3. The cash received must be reconciled to the cash register or to the pre-numbered receipts daily or on a schedule as agreed with Financial Services.
  4. Cheques must be made payable to (Company Name).
  5. A bank deposit slip must be written for the total amount of the deposit and the cash and deposit slip must be delivered to the main cashier daily or on a schedule agreed with Financial Services. Coin included in the deposits must be rolled and blocked for ease of counting.
  6. Cash may be delivered to the main cashier to be receipted and included in the main deposit.
  7. Cash received must be deposited intact and expenses must not be paid from cash receipts.
  8. Locations with cash registers will be issued a Cash Float for the purpose of making change. These cash floats are to be kept for that purpose and are not to be used for personal loans, or for payment of expenses.


  1. Guidelines for Petty Cash Funds


  1. It is the responsibility of (Company Name) staff who maintain petty cash funds to adhere to this policy/guideline.
  2. A petty cash fund may be applied for or increased by completing a payment request form and forwarding to Accounts Payable, stating reasons for the request, and the amount requested.
  3. The petty cash fund must be kept in a safe or locked cabinet under the control of the responsible person. Only the responsible person may have access to the petty cash fund.
  4. The petty cash fund must at all times contain the authorized amount in cash and/or paid vouchers. The funds may not be used for personal loans, cashing cheques, or for salaries.
  5. The person responsible for each petty cash fund should establish a maximum size for petty cash payments from their petty cash fund.
  6. Petty cash should be used as a convenient method to pay small claims and is not intended for larger payments or frequent payments, which should be paid through Purchasing/Accounts Payable.
  7. To replenish the petty cash fund, a Petty Cash Reimbursement Form must be completed. The form would show persons reimbursed, the amounts and the account numbers to be charged. All receipts must be attached with approvals from the signing authority for the account charged.
  8. Funds received from any source must not be added to the petty cash fund, but must be processed per the procedures for a cash collection point.


VII.        Acknowledgement & Agreement


I, (Employee Name), acknowledge that I have read and understand the Cash-Handling Policy of (Company Name). I agree to adhere to this policy and will ensure that employees working under my direction adhere to this Policy. I understand that if I violate the rules set forth in this Policy, I may face punitive or corrective action up to and including termination of employment.










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