Admn Manual-Format Template, Download Free Doc Pdf File Example

Admn Manual Format Template, Download Free Doc Pdf File Example

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Admn Manual Word Text Document Format





The Stationery & Supplies format will be mailed on the 26th of every month to all the employees. 


The filled up format should be returned by the 29th.


The requirements of the employees will be consolidated and sent for approval to the Financial  Controller.


The approved items will ordered on the 30th. 


The items will be distributed on the 1st of every month.


Employees are requested to plan out their monthly requirements. For any requirements during the month, the same format needs to be used.


An inventory will be maintained for the all the items.


Aid: Stationery & Supplies Format


Sr No – Item – Quantity – Purpose – Total


  • Assets


A log of all office property will be maintained in an asset book as per the attached format.


Also, for all assets which are covered by contracts etc, the corresponding contracts and agreements will be filed alongside.


The renewal dates for the contracts should be maintained as an index in the file.


Also a log will be maintained for all office property being carried outside the office premises as per the format attached.


Aids: Asset list


Sr No – Asset Name – Serial No 


  • Approvals


All payments have to be authorized person. Consent has to be taken over mail or on the invoice.


  • Filing


All files have to be numbered and filed as per the serial number.


Different Heads (not limited to the heads)


  1. Quotations & Proposals
  2. Courier
  3. Contracts & Agreements
  4. Stationery – Fortune
  5. Tri-legal
  6. Miscellaneous
  7. Bank Payment Vouchers
  8. Pending Bills
  9. Expenses
  10. Internet Hathway
  11. Telephone  
  12. Conference 


  • Telephone Directory


A telephone directory will be maintained for all contacts. The directory will be updated on a daily basis.


The same will be maintained on the desktop as well as on the address book.


  • Employee Files


All employee details will be maintained in a file. The following details will be maintained:


Joining documents

Reference Checks

Offer letter

Employee contract

Confirmation appraisal

Performance appraisal

Salary revision

Resignation letter

Exit Interview

Any other letters 


Ex employee details will be maintained in a separate file.


  • Keys


All employees will be given a set of front door keys.


A duplicate set off desk keys will be maintained in a key box with the office manager. The keys will be named.


  • Leave System


Leave cards have to be filled up specifying the type of leave in advance. If this is not possible, on rejoining the same has to be filled up.


Leave should be authorized by the department head.


The leave system should be updated with the same.


On the last day of the month, a statement of leaves to be deducted should be sent to Accounts for calculation of salary.


  • Overheads


Telephone: A telephone book will be maintained with every telephone where all the STD and ISD calls are to be recorded.


A check will be run on receipt of bills for the numbers dialed as against the ones in the register.




Fans, Air Conditioners, Lights should be off where not in use.




A book will be maintained along with the printout where the no of printouts should be noted.


  •  Incoming / Outgoing Couriers


All incoming and all outgoing couriers will be recorded in a Courier Register. This register will be maintained at the front door with the office boy / security. In the absence of the office boy/ security, the register will be maintained with the office manager.


Page 1


Sr No Date Particulars of Incoming Couriers Courier Co. Sign
    For Date Recd By    


Page 2


Sr No Date Particulars of Outgoing Couriers Courier Co. Sign
    Sender For  POD #    


  •  Complaint Book


All complaints will be recorded in the complaint book. The details as per the format will be recorded. 


The person registering the complaint should be given a feedback on the timeframe for solving the same and should be regularly informed of further developments.


For a complaint to be closed, the person recording the complaint should verify the same. 


All complaints recorded on a day should be attempted to be closed on the same day.


Pending complaints should be carried forward to the next day and continue to do so till they  are closed.


All complaints should be solved in 2 working days. 


The format of the complaint register is as below:


Sr No



Name of person 

Action taken

Follow up  


Closed or Pending


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Admn Manual Format Template For Employee, Download Free Doc Pdf File Example

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